Consultant (Life Coach), Author, Speaker, and Music Producer 

DaRil's Biography

What do you get when you combine passion and God-given skill- none other than DaRil. "Multifaceted", "passionate", and "skilled" are just a few words to describe him.  A New Orleans native, Damon "DaRil" Nailer serves as a dynamic mentor, motivator, and educator.  He's able to address people's spiritual, mental, and emotional needs through a variety of ways.  He writes inspirational books and blogs, he speaks, he mentors, he hosts his own talk show, and he even produces inspirational music. His major accomplishments include being selected as a SuperCut Rock the Cuts Ambassador Artist, being chosen for Biltmore's Who's Who, conducting 300+ performances/speaking engagements, and being featured 100+ times in the following: magazines, online publications including The Huffington Post, newspapers, television shows, radio broadcasts, and podcasts (see list below).

As an author, Mr. Nailer has written one inspirational eBook entitled The Great Taste of Success, which provides wisdom and insight concerning destiny, gifts/talents, spiritual growth/personal enhancement, positive thinking, and success tips.  Recently, he published his second eBook A Greater Taste of Success and a nonfictional book Revelation Rightly Revealed R3 (This book analyzes the most intriguing and mysterious book in the bible-Revelation.)  https://www.amazon.com/Revelation-Rightly-Revealed-Damon-Nailer/dp/1478770767

As a motivational speaker he has 22 years of speaking experience. He is a former member of Toastmasters' International.  He is very skilled at relating and connecting well with a wide range of audiences.  Damon has conducted speaking engagements at elementary schools, high schools, colleges, juvenile correctional facilities, , religious institutions, conferences, TV shows, senior citizen programs, fraternal organization functions, and business seminars.

As a talk show host DaRil just began his TV talk show entitled Motivating the Masses, which provides direction, inspiration, and education concerning our daily lives. 

As a producer, songwriter, and recording artist, DaRil has 6 CD's under his belt -R U Ready-2000, A Jing, Jing Thing-2001, Strictly Divine-2004, Conception & Rebirth-2010 & Versatility Mix-Tape-2015 & Triple Threat-2016.

As a program director and educator, Damon just released a dynamic educational coaching program entitled The G3 Journey which provides extensive information regarding discovering your "dominant gift" and fulfilling your amazing destiny.  In addition, he recently launched an online school which offers courses that cover destiny, purpose, gifts, talents, and eschatological concepts.  https://rillifeacademy.thinkific.com/

Last, but not least, Damon has served as the owner of Expert Cleaners, Inc janitorial service for 11 years.

DaRil's Features/Press Coverage/Interviews

1.Huffington Post

2.The Monroe Free Press 

3.Monroe Dispatch 

4.Gospel Synergy 

5.Divine Lifestyle 

6.The Independent Music Scene 

7.Independent Music Universe 

8.Holy Culture 

9.Good Morning ArkLaMiss 

10.Idea Girl Consulting  

11.Longe Magazine 

12.Independent Music Blog 

13.The Dabbling Mum 

14.Indie Music Feed 

15.Hip-hop & Fashion 

16.M-Pire Magazine 

17.Vents Magazine 

18.The Christian Enquirer 

19.Official Feature 

20.Indie Motions 

21.Abscondo (Kosice, Slovakia) 

22.Entrepreneur Wilderness (London, United Kingdom)

23.The Stuart Vener Show 

24.Tough Talk Radio Network 

25.The Hollis Chapman Show (2x)

26.The Wheat Report 

27.KDayLive (4x)

28.Project Daybreak (Brussels, Belgium) 


30.Pressing through the Press (6x)

31.Video Praise 


33.OMG Global 

34.The Olinka Show 

35.The Covenant Café 

36.Real Talk with Lee 

37.Spirit & Soul Network Radio 


39.At the Sugar Shack 



42.Living Well Talk Radio 

43.Fellowship FM 


45.WylenerTV (6x)

46.Creative Magic Unchained

47.Business Innovators 

48.The Knowledge Show

49.The Timo Show 

50.Bridging the Gap

51.Twanna Ray Live 



54.Honest Dialogue 

55.The Larry Stevenson Show (2x)

56.Let's Glory in the Lord

57.The Grok Show

58.The Ernie Miles Show


60.Blisshacker Show

61.On the Level with Bunny

62.Your Community News

63.What's Happening Now


65.Louisiana Living (3x)


67.We Choose Parenting

68.Different Strokes for Different Folks

69.Don't Give Up Radio

70.The Good Radio Network

71.The Robert Plank Show

72.Butterflies of Wisdom

73.The Godsquad

74.Never Ever Give Up Hope

75.World's Most Amazing People

76.The NewsStar

77.Positive Phil

78.Canyon Creek Magazine

79.Breathe Again

80.Businessing Magazine

81.Lessons in Joyful Living Radio

82.The TivoMikeShow

83.A Book & A Chat

84.Girlfriend Get A Life Radio (Barbados)

85.The Edward Tyll Show


87.Queens Stand Up

88.Money for Lunch

89.Good Deeds Radio Show

90.Conscious Radio

91.Inner Success TV

92.8 Min. of Learning with Hira Ali

93.Everything Church Related

94.Coffee Talk with Soy

95.The Timeless Family

96.Blog Nation- Hearpreneur

97.The Fatherless to Father Podcast



100.Kingdom Crossroads

101.The Entrepreneurial You

102.Workforce Lab


104. Momoandme.com

105. ThisIsInsider.com

106. CreativeClickMedia

107. MrGift.com

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