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Dominant Gift Survey (Basic)


Interesting, accurate, and profound are some of the descriptive words used to summarize this wonderful tool.  The  Dominant Gift Survey  will do the following: assist you in discovering or confirming what is called your "dominant gift" or strongest talent plus two additional skills, provide a description of the areas of giftedness, and suggest compatible professions that will utilize your talents. Included as a bonus is a free copy of my inspirational eBook The Great Taste of Success .

When you make your purchase, the survey will be emailed to you. Once you complete the survey, you will email it to brod75@hotmail.com so it can be scored. After scoring it, the results will be emailed to you.


"Damon, this is spot on." Andrea D.  

"You hit the nail on the coffin!!! That's me." Christina M.   

"Spot on.  Love it." Cynthia C.

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