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As a successful author, consultant, motivational speaker, music producer, business owner, educator, husband, and father DaRil is able to provide direction, inspiration, and education to his clients whether it's on a one to one basis, small, or large group.  He possesses a wealth of knowledge in the following arenas: educational, entrepreneurial, religious, entertainment, relationships, marriage, parenting, and radio/TV.  Due to his tremendous accomplishments, Mr. Nailer has  been featured over 200+ times in various media outlets including The Huffington Post, Reader's DigestThrive Global, GoalcastYahoo, Yahoo FinanceMSN, Newsbreak, Authority Magazine, Redbook, Best Life, Insider, TV shows, podcasts, radio shows, newspapers, and magazines.  Outlined below is his experience and achievements.



Energetic Educator (7 yrs.) taught reading and English at the elementary level.

Parent Educator (3 yrs) facilitates parenting classes with the Children's Coalition of NELA.  La. Pathways FastTrack Trainer & Triple P, NPP, and ACE certified practitioner. 


Dynamic Speaker (26 yrs.) is a former member of Toastmasters' International who has conducted over 400 speaking engagements in a variety of settings: schools- elementary, junior high, high, and college, conferences, workshops, seminars, religious institutions, commencement exercises, assemblies, entrepreneurial programs, corporate retreats, correctional facilities, youth rallies, etc.

Ordained Minister (13 yrs.) served as an associate minister for two ministries and now is an independent minister.


Talented Music Producer/Songwriter/Recording Artist (21 yrs.) has released 6 musical



Uplifting, Knowledgeable Author (17 yrs.) has published 2 inspirational eBooks- The Great Taste of Success & A Greater Taste of Success, 2 nonfictional books- Revelation Rightly Revealed & Living, Loving, Leading, a coaching program- The G3 Journey, and an online school- Rillifeacademy.


Diligent Janitorial Business Owner (12 yrs.) served as the CEO of Expert Cleaners.


DaRil's Features/Press Coverage/Interviews

1.Huffington Post

2.Reader's Digest

3.Monroe Dispatch 

4.Gospel Synergy 

5.Divine Lifestyle 

6.The Independent Music Scene 

7.Independent Music Universe 

8.Holy Culture 

9.Good Morning ArkLaMiss 

10.Idea Girl Consulting  

11.Longe Magazine 

12.Independent Music Blog 

13.The Dabbling Mum 

14.Indie Music Feed 

15.Hip-hop & Fashion 

16.M-Pire Magazine 

17.Vents Magazine 

18.The Christian Enquirer 

19.Official Feature 

20.Indie Motions 

21.Abscondo (Kosice, Slovakia) 

22.Entrepreneur Wilderness (London, United Kingdom)

23.The Stuart Vener Show 

24.Tough Talk Radio Network 

25.The Hollis Chapman Show (2x)

26.The Wheat Report 

27.KDayLive (4x)

28.Project Daybreak (Brussels, Belgium) 


30.Pressing through the Press (6x)

31.Video Praise 


33.OMG Global 

34.The Olinka Show 

35.The Covenant Café 

36.Real Talk with Lee 

37.Spirit & Soul Network Radio 


39.At the Sugar Shack 



42.Living Well Talk Radio 

43.Fellowship FM 


45.WylenerTV (6x)

46.Creative Magic Unchained

47.Business Innovators 

48.The Knowledge Show

49.The Timo Show 

50.Bridging the Gap

51.Twanna Ray Live 



54.Honest Dialogue 

55.The Larry Stevenson Show (2x)

56.Let's Glory in the Lord

57.The Grok Show

58.The Ernie Miles Show


60.Blisshacker Show

61.On the Level with Bunny

62.Your Community News

63.What's Happening Now


65.Louisiana Living (3x)


67.We Choose Parenting

68.Different Strokes for Different Folks

69.Don't Give Up Radio

70.The Good Radio Network

71.The Robert Plank Show

72.Butterflies of Wisdom

73.The Godsquad

74.Never Ever Give Up Hope

75.World's Most Amazing People

76.The NewsStar

77.Positive Phil

78.Canyon Creek Magazine

79.Breathe Again

80.Businessing Magazine

81.Lessons in Joyful Living Radio

82.The TivoMikeShow

83.A Book & A Chat

84.Girlfriend Get A Life Radio (Barbados)

85.The Edward Tyll Show


87.Queens Stand Up

88.Money for Lunch

89.Good Deeds Radio Show

90.Conscious Radio

91.Inner Success TV

92.8 Min. of Learning with Hira Ali

93.Everything Church Related

94.Coffee Talk with Soy

95.The Timeless Family

96.Blog Nation (Hearpreneur)

97.The Fatherless to Father Podcast



100.Kingdom Crossroads

101.The Entrepreneurial You

102.Workforce Lab

103.Maverick Excel



106.Creative Click Media


108.Free Your Mind

109.Bridging the Gap


111.Bestlifeonline (4x)


113.Climbtalk 1190 AM/FM







120.The Monroe FreePress

121.KNOE 8 News

122. UpJourney (3x)

123. Life BlackBelts

124. InspireToday

125. TheUkNewspaper

126. Inspiresport.com

127. Desertnews.com

128. The Relationship Talk Podcast

129. It's All You Boo

130. Today Parenting Team

131. YourTango.com

132. Goalcast

133. Unleash Your Potential

134. The National Herald (Greece)

135. Thrive Global

136. Authority Magazine (3x)

137. Empowerment 4 Life Podcast

138. Sheknows.com

139. Yahoo.com

140. MSN.com


142. GoBankingRates.com

143. Yahoo Finance

144. Redbook

145. Newsbreak

146. Insider.com

147. Outwit Trade

148. Human Window

149. Community Today

150. Scarymommy

151. Rock Your World Naturally

152. Can a Playa Play

153. Deseret.com

154. Natural Awakenings Magazine

155. Two Chics in the City

156. Authentic Talks

157. RIME Entertainment (UK)

158. EnergyHealingMagazine

159 Ticker TV

160. Learning Success System

161. VIP Internet Radio

162. Lana Reid Show- The Male Perspective

163. Morning Laziness (2x)

164, Keeping It Real With Caramel

165. Floetic Poetry Show

166. Strive 4 More

167. Unfinished Man

168. SmallPDF

169. I AM Indi

170. The Journey- Step By Step

171. Smart Social

172. Vent Time with Connie

173. Matt Beech.com

174. Rich Retirement Letter

175. Human Resources Today


177. Mentorship Revolution

178. Your Business Therapy

179. Discoverybit

180. Kiddipedia

181. Acttime

182. Create the Ripple Magazine

183. Enterprise League

184. Bayou Life

185. OnlineCourseTalks

186. NewsDome

187. BodyNutrition

188. Medicaloid

189, Ideaison

190. Conversation with Chan

191. Marketing As A Foreign Language

192. The Medical Questions

193. Initiative 886

194. Easyvasstu

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