Consultant (Life Coach), Author, Speaker, and Music Producer 

Speaking Engagement- Sermon

Sermons- these speeches are tailored to minister the word of God to congregations.  

Speaking Engagement- Motivational Speech

Motivational Speeches-speeches that are specifically designed to meet the needs of your audience.  I attempt to ensure this by aligning each speech with your organization's or event's agenda or theme. 

Speaking Engagement- Book Talk

Book Talks- these are designed to share information from my ebooks The Great Taste of Success and A Greater Taste of Success.

Speaking Engagement- Workshop


G3 (Gift, Glamour, and Gold)- a dynamic three part session that shares insightful information about discovering your dominant gift, determining the best capacity/career to utilize it in, and learning the process for developing it.  

Revelation 101-- this workshop has a total of 7 sessions that explain the book of Revelation.  I would send a breakdown of each session so you can decide which one(s) you would be interested in.  The information shared comes from my book Revelation Rightly Revealed (R3).  


My performances vary by set length and venues.  I have conducted performances in a variety of settings- elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, colleges, TV shows, malls, showcases, awards shows, coffeehouses, religious institutions, birthday parties, business seminars, correctional facilities,  festivals, etc.

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